Principal's Message

Good Morning, Eagle’s Nest Families!

 Today, we begin distance learning, and I know this may be challenging, but the Eagle’s Nest staff is here to assist in any way we can.  As we are in the process of updating our school website and Facebook page, please log into the OCPS Facebook book page for updates, information and helpful resources regarding distance learning resources. 

We are working to post grade-level content packets on our school website for those students and families who have access to technology, but need to ease into distance learning this week. Slowly, the teachers will transition into more activities and content being delivered digitally, while still providing packets for those students without computer or internet access.  Packets can be mailed back to the school or scanned and emailed back to your child’s teacher.  

Finally, we know the importance of keeping a schedule for your child.  In an effort to maintain school routines, your child should get a good night’s sleep and wake up each day ready to learn.  Distance learning will not look like the bell schedule students are used to in a typical school day.  It is flexible and self-paced.  Students will not sit in front of a device or at a desk at home from 8:45 to 3:00.  Your child’s teacher may choose to do a live lesson on a program, such as Big Blue Button.  If your child is unable to participate at that time, the lesson is recorded – and he/she can view the lesson at a later time.  Even though the day is more flexible, it is important to set up a dedicated learning space for your student to work with adequate lighting and paper and pencils. 

I hope this message finds you and each of your family members safe and healthy during this unprecedented time as we navigate the New Normal.

Yours in Education,
Principal Adams


Eagle's Nest Elementary School
5353 Metrowest Boulevard Orlando, Florida 32811

Phone: (407) 521-2795 Fax: (407) 521-2797

Principal: Lisa Adams

Assistant Principal: Andrea Johnson 


School Office Hours are now 9:00am-2:00pm-By Appointment Only.


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