Dismissal Procedure

School Ends at 2:30pm. (Wed-1:30pm) 

At that time we will dismiss our students by the way they go home.

"Carver Shores" Walkers & Bike Riders
Exit the gate at the East side of the school.

"Kirkman" Walkers, Bike Riders, and "Walking School Bus"
Exit the gate at the West side of the school.

Car Riders
Exit the front of the building.
Pre-K thru 1st Grade and Families will be located on the West Sidewalk (Closer to Kirkman Side)
2nd Grade thru 5th Grade will be located on the East Sidewalk (Closer to Carver Shores/Playground)

You Must Have a Neon Green Car Tag with ALL the Students Names on it in your windshield to pick students up from the Car Line!

***If you don't have a Car Tag or if you walk up to pick up your child from the car rider area-You will not be able to do so until 2:45 and you must have an ID to sign them out in the office to get a dismissal slip.***

Early Sign-Out
Students who need to be signed out early will need to be signed out in the Front Office.
Adult picking up students MUST have an ID and MUST be listed in the students file.
M, T, Th, F:  Early Sign-Out ENDS at 2:15
Wed:  Early Sign-Out ENDS at 1:15