Supplemental Educational Services

What are Supplemental Educational Services?

Supplemental educational services are additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools that have not met adequate yearly progress for three or more years. These services may include tutoring and after-school services. They may be offered through public- or private-sector providers that are approved by the state, such as public schools, public charter schools, local education agencies, educational service agencies and faith-based organizations.

Which children are eligible to receive supplemental educational services?

Students from low-income families who remain in Title I schools that fail to meet state standards for at least three years are eligible to receive supplemental educational services.

Are parents notified about supplemental educational services?

Yes. Local education agencies are required to provide annual notice to parents of eligible children about the availability of services and information on the approved providers.

Can parents choose the supplemental educational services provider?

Yes. Parents are given a list of all eligible providers from which they can choose. The schools hold events where parents can come and talk to the providers before making a choice. Parents should not make a choice until they have talked to several providers. The teachers can assist parents in making a choice if parents request help.

Who pays for the supplemental educational services?

The school district’s Title I funds are used to pay for the services. Parents do not incur any cost.

Where can parents get more information about supplemental educational services?

Parents can call or visit their child’s school for more information. Parents can also find information on the Florida Department of Education’s web page at .